Our Company

John Slaten President Slaten Construction

John Slaten, Founder

John Slaten is a committed and detail driven construction professional deeply committed to ethical standards and equitable treatment for all. His proven ability to multitask and effectively fulfill the responsibilities of a Construction Executive is complemented by a resilient journey: starting out independently as a young teenager, building a career in the construction industry grounded in integrity, and prioritizing the ethical treatment of others.


Notably, he navigated increased responsibilities due to the 2008 economic downturn by working tirelessly, even forgoing most of his pay, and successfully steered the company out of crisis through sheer determination, extensive hours, and multifaceted contributions, overcoming significant obstacles.


Driven by a commitment to helping others, John established a company aligning with his core values, evident in his unwavering support for his employees and customers.

Our Goals

Treat every project as our own.

Ensure your vision becomes a reality.

Help you envision the potential in your space.

Prioritize what is important to you.

Our Drivers

Being an ethical business partner.

Being committed to the process.

Being known for our dedication.

Being your builder of choice.

Our Beliefs

We believe in being accessible.

Being heard is not out of the question.

You should expect the world of us.

Customer focus is our specialty.